Cheers to 2k17

happy new year! But today I read craving yellow’s post and I just thought to myself that besides the fact that I am doing ten million things, I really ought to take time and count my blessings. So I will be telling you what lessons I have learnt these past twenty one years. One year at a … More Cheers to 2k17

Taking stock

  I occasionally like to reflect on what I am doing consciously. Thinking that my research project was supposed to be due today but since my supervisor is not there I will not suffer the consequences of my instant gratification monkey (it is the reason why we procrastinate). Loving: Loving myself and all the deliciously deep quotes that are on … More Taking stock

Nobody told me

I turned 21 exactly a month ago. I have this lesson and here it is: Nobody told me that there will come a day when you will just melt down and want to sit and have a good cry and you will not even have the answer to why you feel the way you do. … More Nobody told me